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About us

The major threat that we face in our daily surroundings, comes from insects and pests that carries bacteria, virus, fungus, which in turn spread thousands of diseases, hence creates threat to mankind. Therefore, pest control becomes the most important to keep our environment safe and sanitized.

The main objective of New Green Life Pest Control is to create pest free environments to our customers without causing any health hazards. We provide pest management operations which are carried out carefully and systematically by the experienced and trained technicians. We Provide Eco Friendly pest control Management Services.

With the herbal pest control procedures, there are several advantages that one can think of. There is absolutely no smoke, no smell and there is no need to cover up food. Our pest control can be used anywhere including cabinets, drawers, and electrical boxes and anywhere you find it feasible.

The key features of New Green Life Pest Control herbal products are inclusive of-

• 100% herbal formulation
• Wide spectrum of activity
• Herbal flavors, causes no irritation
• Bio-degradable and non –toxic in nature

Our well trained professionals ensure that you get the best of pest control with our herbal procedures.


  You're in safe hands
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  Over 20 years in the industry
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